Combination Brows
Brisbane QLD


Types of cosmetic tattooing & beauty treatments available at Love Brows

Feather Touch Brows

You can acquire a subtle and natural look with the Feather Touch Brow tattoo that gives you ultra-fine, hyper-realistic hair strokes that blend flawlessly with your natural brows.

Powder Mist Brows

For a softer or powder shadow effect, the Powder Mist Brow technique will give you a natural ombre effect, leaving you with a softly defined brow suitable for your everyday look.

Nano Brows

Our Nano Brow® approach gives you the ultimate high definition of hyper-realistic details that mimic the perfect hair. This technique allows for improved pigment retention for long-lasting results.

Combination Brows

If you have very sparse eyebrows or are looking for a more intense brow finish, Combination Brow is the perfect brow treatment for you.

YUMI Lash Lift

YUMI Lash Lift is a keratin treatment designed to lift, curl and boost your natural lashes, without the use of eyelash extensions and false lashes.

Candy Lips Tattoo

Candy Lips Tattoo is perfect for women wanting fuller, more defined, and more pigmented lips. Besides enhancing the fullness and shapes, Candy Lips Tattoo enhancement can be used to correct pale and asymmetrical lips.

Eyeliner Tattoo

Eyeliner Tattoo creates an illusion of thicker, darker and fuller looking eyeliner, giving a large and appealing look to the eyes. We offer a variation of classic eyeliner and winged eyeliner design.

Touch Ups

A touch up session is recommended after 4-6 weeks after the first session to keep the colour sharp, refined and perfect.
At Love Brows, we offer free one on one consultation